Passwords suck.

But the website we built for True Key rocks.

Project Overview

So you hate passwords. Well get in line, cause I’ve got news for you kid: we all do. True Key, by Intel Security, is an app that eliminates the hassle of passwords by letting you sign in with your face or fingerprint instead. Cool, right?

To help Intel Security introduce True Key to the world, we built a snappy, responsive website for the app and executed a marketing campaign that included viral social sharing, celebrity talent, and hilarious video content. “Oh Myyy!”


Marketing Campaign
Messaging & Positioning
Website Design
Motion Graphics
Social Media Assets

The “Password Confession” campaign

As a sidekick to the snappy responsive website, we also launched a wonderfully hilarious “Password Confession” campaign where anyone and everyone could finally confess their password woes.

George Takei even joined in the fun and posted a cat-laser-eye photo expressing his password pain, and we partnered with Greg Benson to film a fantastic Impossible Password Prank.

The True Key “Password Confession” campaign was a hit, with 37 million social impressions in just a matter of weeks.