Securing data
since before
it was cool.

Project Overview

Techspacular provides superhero-level security for the little guys. If you need to secure your network, protect your website, or pass an audit, they bring enterprise-level security that is tailored to your specific needs.

Techspacular needed a website and original branding that would set them apart from other enterprise-level security companies. Together we made it a goal to break free from the typical (and dreaded) cybersecurity tropes of hackers in ski masks, and Matrix-inspired cascades of ones and zeros.

Instead, we honed in on Techspacular’s superhero-like ability to defeat bad guys and make their clients more secure. The visual brand reflects that message with bright comic book colors, halftone patterns, and a shield logo. Their symbol, sometimes projected like the Bat-Signal beacon, is a sign to all with small-time cybersecurity needs that the good guys are within reach.


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