Meet Groq, the future of compute.

Project Overview

Grok, if you’re unfamiliar with the word, may sound strange. But the meaning is simple: to grok something means to understand it so thoroughly, so intuitively, that you’re almost one with it. Complete comprehension.

It’s fitting, then, that it inspired the name of our client. Groq builds ridiculously high-performance, but astonishingly simple chips that are powering the next generation of machine learning. To do this, they’re taking a radical approach to chip architecture — they’re simplifying it, reducing compute to just the most essential elements. They, in essence, grok. Complete comprehension.

Our branding process began with joining the Groq leadership for a multi-day workshop to explore the brand. We wanted to know everything: where it’s been, where it’s going, their competition, and the entire industry. Then we got busy creating. Drawing. Writing. Arguing. Breaking for lunch. Then doing it all over again.

In the weeks that followed, our designers used the insights from our workshop to develop Groq’s full brand system. It had to send the signal that Groq’s technology is truly a generational, revolutionary advancement of chip innovation, while also conveying Groq’s mission: to simplify and reduce compute to its most essential elements, everywhere.


Brand System
Website Design


The Groq logo is built from simple, refined, and streamlined shapes. Through the curvilinear, monowidth lines, the logo embodies the minimalist, high-speed, open-source characteristics of Groq’s product.