Refreshing the website of a cutting edge MarTech company.

Project Overview

Breakthroughs in marketing technology used to come in the form of robocalls and junk mail. But now, Fuel Cycle is using data and APIs to drive the next major breakthrough with the Fuel Cycle Exchange  — a product that is not only building bridges between disparate tech platforms, but completely revolutionizing the way we do market research.

Fuel Cycle needed a new website that communicated ease and simplicity of its new product — and creative for an ad campaign to drive awareness around it. Eschewing the rigid, text-heavy feel of most market research products, we sought a modern, clean look for its website, and a spicy, attention-getting campaign to get people excited about the launch the Fuel Cycle Exchange. Cold hard data isn’t exactly the most inspiring visual — but it depends on how you use it. At every touchpoint, we made sure the design reflected the ease, and insights, Fuel Cycle brings to market research. For the ad campaign, we mimicked the look and feel on online dating profiles to emphasis the research love connections you could make by “hooking up” your different market research APIs. In our workshops and meetings, we experimented with this core concept in different executions to find out what truly matters to Fuel Cycle users. And just as important, what doesn’t.


Website Design
Social Media Marketing
Messaging & Positioning

The Website

The Ad Campaign