Low budget, high impact.

It’s amazing what a little vinyl can do.

Project Overview

We heart Curry Wrapper’s Delight so hard. Our go to restaurant in Downtown Redwood City for “curry in a hurry”; they make delicious indo-fijian curritos, bowls, and salads to-go for hungry locals.

Initially they had very little branding so people walked right past their restaurant not knowing about the delicious food inside. We couldn’t stand for this. With a budget of only $500, we quickly branded them with eye catching bold graphics that are visible from Caltrain across the street.

Sales increased by 40%! We love eavesdropping on locals raving about their delicious food and watching the line grow out the door every day during lunch.


Print Collateral

“IMHO, this is one of the best places to eat in downtown Redwood City. My weeks are simply not complete if I can’t get a burrito from here at least once.”
– Muhammad T., Yelp
“Really solid food. I’m currently hitting this place up 2-3x a week. Haven’t had anything I didn’t enjoy yet. The owners of the business are good folks.”
– Shawn F., Yelp
“Best Indo-fijian food in Redwood City. Super clean, friendly people and AWESOME food.”
– Ayush B., Yelp