A refreshed brand for a legendary toy company.

Project Overview

Creativity Inc are seasoned experts in making toys. Over the past 20 years they’ve built a reputation of developing award-winning family and kids’ products, including Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, and more. As they moved into the digital era — making apps for mobile devices, and games for the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (remember the Stranger Things game? Yeah that was them — they asked Big Monocle to find out how their brand could connect to customers and clients in more effective ways.

We held an exploratory meetings with Creativity Inc’s senior leadership to better understand the brand and their story. This deep discovery work acted as our foundation to co-create our client’s strategic, and aesthetic future in a three-day collaborative workshop between Creativity Inc and Big Monocle. During the workshop, we discussed key attributes of Creativity Inc’s approach to development, the history and origin of the company. The exercises were designed to inspire emotional and rational input as well as gain early buy-in on key story elements from senior leadership and stakeholders.

Post-workshop, we were armed with a strong brand strategy and identity that everyone believed in. We spent the next few weeks generating visual ideas to activate the brand for each unique audience they expected. By leveraging elements of their story while understanding what people expect for tomorrow’s entertainment helped prepare Creativity Inc for their next chapter — creating magical experiences for people everywhere, every time.


Brand Strategy
Visual System
Messaging Framework