Big Doors +
Big Monocles =
Big Ideas

Project Overview

To put it simply, Big Door is dope. They make some of the raddest product launch videos on this side of the Mississippi, and more than that — are some of the most delightful and imaginative people around. With a perfected process, a meticulous attention to detail, and a whimsical vibe, they are truly masters of their craft.

Big Door came to Big Monocle with a strong portfolio, but the video production company needed a stronger brand to increase visibility in the marketplace, and accompany its continued expansion. Working closely with their executive leadership, we developed a brand identity that reflected the spirit of the Big Door and was more strategically aligned with their business vision. We also developed a brand messaging framework, a product narrative, and a complete visual identity – all designed to support the brand strategy, and differentiate Big Door from its business competitors.

Today, Big Door is bolder, clearer, and more aligned with their geeky cinematic roots and sci-fi, futuristic character. The new look and feel was inspired by retro-futurism, technology, and film, and looked to evoke specific emotions and feelings across every touchpoint. The visual identity is sharp, adventurous, and cinematic. The unique color palette, typography, and photography make Big Door pop — rather than blend in — next to their competitors. We think the new brand authentically reflects who Big Door is today, and where they’re going tomorrow. Ready for blast-off?