Everything is smart.
Everything is connected.

Project Overview

5G is more than an evolutionary step forward for our industry. It goes far beyond a single interface and will be defined by a heterogeneous network that integrates 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, millimeter wave, and other wireless technologies. And, critically, it will be able to derive actionable insights from the massive amounts of data generated by billions of devices.

5G will fundamentally transform our lives, bringing us a society and environment where everything is smart and connected. This means next-generation sensors, cities, appliances, jet engines, wind farms, agriculture, hospitals, factories, playgrounds, and, most importantly—you.

We are the agency of record for Intel 5G Technology. Our deliverables have included core messaging, vision decks, event graphics, web content, presentations, infographics, social posts. In addition, we’ve created product announcements, product trial documentation and more.


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