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Just your average Aussie cooking show I’m pretty sure.

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Kate and Kate are back at it again after being picked up by some kind of network or something. I don’t really know because it’s YouTube and I don’t really care unless it becomes not free. Maybe don’t watch this if kids are in the room or do if you’re a terrible parent/human. Let’s face it all you are going to do is watch the video and not read this anyway because it the immortal words of Harry Wormwood “There is nothing you can read that you can’t get from YouTube faster.”

Video killed the radio star…

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I think I just crushed a part of my childhood, always picturing an epic 80s hair metal band rocking the pokémon theme song as flames blasted out of their guitars and squirt guns filled with sparkling jello blasted an audience.

Instead now when I hear the timeless epic, I’m going to see my highschool science teacher, ever so slowly losing his hair….