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New Podcast Alert: The Morning Would You Rather

By June 19, 2017 No Comments

Introducing the first-ever podcast from Big Monocle Media, “The Morning Would You Rather.” A ten minute podcast that’s perfect for your morning commute. Tune in for your daily would-you-rather debate with hosts, Jef and Garrett.

“I need new podcast — what are you listening to?” Maybe you’ve asked this question lately. If you have, well, we’ve heard you.

And since we also have exceptionally high estimations of how funny and smart we are, we thought, “Hey, we should start a podcast.”

It’s called “The Morning Would You Rather.” The format of the podcast is simple. Each morning, my co-host Jef Miller and I debate a new Would You Rather question.

Here is just a small sampling of the super important topics we’ll get into:

  • Would you rather smell like poop all the time, or smell
    poop all the time?
  • Would you rather be perpetually nauseous or not be able
    to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?
  • Would you rather have accordions for legs, or a ten inch
    belly button that swings to music?

We know. You’re thinking, “Hey wait, these people aren’t qualified to debate these topics — this is like Ivy League-level stuff.” But surprisingly, they’re the type of debates we have every day at Big Monocle HQ, and we felt it was time to take these discussions to internetland, for you, the people.

Since, again, we’re super smart, we also thought “Hey while we’re making a podcast, how can we fix a lot of things that are wrong with podcasts?”

We realized that most podcasts come out about once a week, and that’s just not often enough. You end up listening to all your podcasts and then run out and have to wait a whole week. That’s just plain nonsense.

And another thing, most podcasts are just too long. It would preferable to have something just long enough to fill the average drive to work or the store.

Therefore, our new podcast, “The Morning WYR”, is a 10ish-minute podcast, and we will be releasing new episodes every day Monday–Friday.

We did it guys! We fixed everything!

Okay, so maybe it’s not time to celebrate yet. But the podcast is awesome. Don’t believe us? Subscribe to “The Morning WYR” wherever you get your podcasts and prove us wrong.

Ready to see what it’s all about? Go ahead. Take a listen. You’ve earned it.