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July 2016

What’s funny about being allergic to the sun? This guy.

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Apparently there’s thousands of non-vampire people out there who are allergic to the sun. Sounds like a bummer (Hey would you rather be allergic to the sun, or have uncontrollable narcolepsy as soon as the sun goes down?) Here’s Porphyria J showing the world in a 13-part series what his life like. And guess what? It’s friggin hilarious.

Video killed the radio star…

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I think I just crushed a part of my childhood, always picturing an epic 80s hair metal band rocking the pokémon theme song as flames blasted out of their guitars and squirt guns filled with sparkling jello blasted an audience.

Instead now when I hear the timeless epic, I’m going to see my highschool science teacher, ever so slowly losing his hair….

Hero Mom Chews Gum in the Car

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Given how many songs were on the radio this saint of a mother drives her son around for at least an hour. But the real question is where is he going and why didn’t he drive himself?

Maybe he has some sort of singalong disorder where he has a compulsion to sing every song he hears and she is just concerned about his safety. He is so enthusiastic I’m not sure he would survive even a short trip without a driver.

Lets all give a hand to this silent hero of a mother.